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Well, the wedding is well and truly over.. the happy couple are home from their honeymoon and life has returned to normal again.  What hasn’t returned to what it was before is my annoyance at so many of the major fashion players here in Australia with their attitude to bigger women.  I know this isn’t just me feeling this way as the response to my blog about trying to find a dress to wear to the wedding, was overwhelming.  You, my readers came out in force regarding the lack of nice clothes for the more rubenesque amongst us (and the not so cuddlys too). So I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading from other sites to see what people think.

Fashion magazines and style blogs bring us the latest trends as seasons come and go, and we subscribe to them because we all need to be informed of fashion dos and don’ts. However, it’s unfortunate that the seeming target market of these media platforms consist of those who belong to the slim and slender category. Rarely do we find a regular feature of plus-size women modelling current trendy clothes, especially when it comes to high fashion. Although statistics show that plus-size women are growing in numbers, plus-size clothes account for only a small portion of the market. In an analysis by Economist.com, it was said that when plus-size customers find clothing styles that they like, they end up spending twice as much as other people. That’s because when we find something that actually looks good, we stick to it.

The challenge of finding something to wear can be overcome if we only knew how to choose the right high fashion dresses for our size, without appearing as if we’re uncomfortable while wearing them. So before heading out to choose the perfect cocktail dress, have a read through the following guidelines I found:

Consider the occasion

In formal events such as weddings, revealing clothes should be avoided. Classic and conservative styles are ideal—knee-length cocktail dresses with a boat neck will be flattering.

Styles for plus-size

Dresses with A-line skirts work well for plus-size women. Halter dresses are another option, because these emphasise the face and accentuate the upper part of the body.

Right Fabrics

Not all fabrics are flattering for curvaceous women. Stiff fabrics and fitted bodices will not look good. Flowing ones, like satin or silk, are the better option.


Statement pieces like a classic clutch or elegant earrings will complete the overall ensemble. However, women with wide faces should avoid wearing chokers or exaggerated earrings because these can only enlarge the face more.

I thought these were pretty good tips..What do you think??  Are these things that you already do when choosing?  It may seem common sense to some of you, but I’m sure some of these tips will help a few of you when choosing.  Another little tit bit that I read the other day was that M&S (Marks and Spencer) now deliver to Australia and their cocktail dresses go right up to a size 22.  I loved some of the stuff from on there.  Its worth having a look at.  I have so many English friends who rave about their stuff and someone sent me a link after I ranted about how hard it was to buy stuff for my size.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have just cause to make an order from there soon.

Just remember though, the most beautiful thing you can ever wear, is your smile..

Happy smiling… Livvy 😀

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