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I never used to be an early morning person, but it seems as I get older, I enjoy it more and more.  Then again, living in the Blue Mountains.. how could you possibly want to get up late and miss seeing this sort of view…

sunrise over the mountains

The very first thing I do of a morning when I wake up is put the kettle on and have a cup of tea.

Cup of Tea

Then I watch a bit of Sunrise.  For those of you who don’t live in Australia, Sunrise is a breakfast news program.  In this picture is the host of the show, David Koch with my cousin Wendy and me.


Next, if I’m heading down to TAFE and I’m not driving, I head up to the train station before the sun is up.

Railway Station

If I’m not heading to TAFE, I’ll have a second cup of tea then sit on the porch waiting for birds at the birdbath……..

rain in the birdbath

.. or wait for the old man Cockatoo who comes to ask for feed.  I know it’s the same one as he has a broken beak. He’s so tame.

The old man

… I put the feed in the bird feeder (though I always sneak the old man a little bit on the porch first) and wait for the birds to come in.

bird feeder

Then I sit with that second cuppa and just enjoy the sights… How lucky am I ?? 🙂

red 4