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I had my very first, full body massage last week.   I did a massage course many years ago and we had to practise on other students as well as be practised on, but I don’t count that as I was still instructing the other student at the same time.  It wasn’t enjoyable and in fact it hurt.   But after going to China and having my feet massaged as well as my back, I thought it was time to start looking after myself.

As mothers, so often we stop putting effort into us.  We put all our efforts into our kids, partners and families and we forget that if we’re not happy, noone in close proximity to us will be either.   We need to be much kinder to ourselves.  So last week, with that in mind, I went to the local TAFE (adult college) and had a full body massage.  Oh that was $25 worth of bliss.

I have to admit I was a little bit concerned as I hate pain and didn’t want to be put through hell if she pushed too hard but I needn’t have worried.  Yes there were a few times I could feel more pressure than I would have liked but my back is so stiff and sore after all the hard beds, hard airoplane seats and hard walking I’ve been doing.  I felt like a new woman afterwards and booked in again immediately so go again tomorrow.

I decided as well to check out their other beauty packages.  I can get a pedicure for $8… seriously?  Lip and eye wax are only $4 each.  So I’ve decided from now on to start pampering myself a little more.  I’m going to work my way through their list of therapies till I get back to the start of the list again lol.  I can’t afford to spend lots of money on myself but for the prices they charge, it’s in most people’s price range.

I used to get my hair done at a TAFE style college too.  These students are under supervision and generally do a great job.  If noone ever   gives them a chance to learn, how can they hope to keep improving.  They have to practise on someone and as long as they have supervision, I’m happy to be a guinea pig if it means a greatly reduced price.

If you’re longing for a bit of pampering, phone around your local colleges.  You may find one that offers great deals as I’ve now done.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.. I think I may become a bit addicted.  Whatever you have to do….. be kind to yourself while you do it.. Everyone around you will benefit.. so treating yourself to something nice is actually a community service….Buy yourself some flowers, book a massage, chill a bottle of wine, take the time out to read a book…. and remember, you’re not being selfish.. you deserve it….

Happy being kind to yourself.. Livvy 🙂

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