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Have you used Google maps street view? Seriously, I love this thing.  Like, REALLY SERIOUSLY love it.  I’m a big believer in the art of manifestation.  What you think, so you create.  You know what it’s like, when you are on a roll of luck, be it good or bad, you start expecting it and it  just keeps happening.  I try to think really positive things and I try to imagine good stuff always happening.

You may have read my previous story about wanting to go to Ireland.  I’ve written about it a few times now as it is not just a dream but an obsession.  I am so determined to get there.. even earlier than my August deadline if possible.  I’m working on that at the moment.  So to live up to the manifestation claims I live by, I decided to start my exploration of Ireland.

You see, the law of attraction says that once your brain starts to see something and view it as normal, it manifests that in your life.  One fantastic story I heard was of a guy who really wanted to travel, who used to pack his suitcase every Sunday and head off to the airport as if he was going on a trip somewhere.  He would go in, build the excitement in his brain and so set the pattern of feeling like it was actually happening to him.  After a few months, his boss called him in and offered  him a job that included lots of travelling.

So, I’m 2 hours from the airport and to get into it by train is a pretty expensive process, so I had to think of something that suited my budget and lifestyle.  And I found GOOGLE MAPS! Gargie (my grandmother) had always told me that if she were to build a house she would call it Shanagolden as that was the prettiest place in the world.  Shanagolden is a little village outside of Limerick, Ireland.

So into Google I typed Shanagolden, then dragged the little yellow man who stands in the navigation bar, onto the middle of the map.  I landed right near a house that just felt so familiar and I burst into tears as soon as I saw it. I honestly believe I have lived there in a past life.  The emotions were so strong.  It’s a pretty house but that wasn’t the attraction.  I know I’ve been there and since I’ve never been to Ireland, I know it had to be before this life.

I’ve driven (manoeuvred the mouse) all around Shanagolden. I know that there is a little bar across the road from the house I love.  It’s called Patie Joe’s Bar.. up the road a bit further is Tasty Mac’s takeaway.  I liked them on Facebook so when I get there I hope they give me extra chips lol.  Pat Tiernan owns the local Nissan dealership and across the road from that is a newsagents/general store (I think)  called Kiely’s Daybreak.  Next to that is, what looks to be the Nissan mechanical workshop.

There’s a Video Scene store and Shanagolden Truck & Tractor Service. There is a credit co op in the same street.  Madigan’s Funeral Home is right across the road from Madigan’s Butcher Shop.  The Madigans have lived in Shanagolden for many a year as you will find a memorial to Tim Madigan who made the ultimate sacrifice.  If you keep going through the intersection towards the cemetery, you’ll pass the Old Stand (which seeing the barrels out front, I’m assuming is a pub) and then you’ll  see the Spring Rice memorial.  The cemetery has the most beautiful old gravestones and abbey?. I’m not sure what the building I’m referring to is, but it sits in the grounds of the graveyard.  Across from this is the Shanagolden Parish Hall.   I even took some old, narrow, winding back roads and ended up in the little town of Foynes.

I feel like I know this town completely.  I feel so very at home there.  Is this where Gargie has left the secret for me.  I know there is something in Ireland that she needs me to find but I have no idea what it will be.  I do know that I am going to go there.  I will end up  driving a car instead of the computer mouse, through this beautiful little town which already has won my heart.  I’m going to keep exploring and while I do, I’ll pretend I am actually there and driving through the streets for real.  I have never been so sure of anything in my life.

My sister is worried that if I go I’m never going to want to come back but my children live here so my home will always be here.  I can just see me living in some little town in Ireland, Googling streets in Australia lol.  No, this is home but Ireland is my spiritual home and I’m going to keep imagining how it will feel to finally walk on her soil.  How the air will smell.  How the people will sound.  How the Guinness will taste.  It’s all part of manifesting this next journey for me.

When I was Googling the other day, I came across this song which I already knew as I have it on a CD.  What interested me was watching the streets of Shanagolden featured in it.  Peggy Sweeney  sings the song while sitting on the Spring Rice Memorial and walking through the quaint little village.  It’s an older video, no doubt and the pub certainly looks different to when I drive my computer mouse past it now.  Still, it’s the same beautiful village to me.  It’s a beautiful song about love, loss and the struggle the Irish have had through the centuries.

Technology is the most amazing thing isn’t it.  Here I am sitting in my office at nearly midnight in Australia and I’m able to meander through the streets of  a village on the other side of the world.  I’m able to view photos and watch video all the while writing this so people all over the world can read it.  We certainly live in a blessed age.

I can only imagine  how tech savvy my grandmother would have become if she knew she’d be able to view her beloved Shanagolden through a computer.  I feel a bit sad that she couldn’t do that and that her last memories of Ireland were from when she was a young girl, leaving for a new life in a strange land, never to return.  I know the thrill it gives me.  She would have been enthralled to see it but still sad that she could never walk those roads for real.  Mum too, would have loved to have done this, but I bought my very first computer only a month or so before she passed on.  I didn’t have internet connection on it for a good year after it.

So, I’m going to have a quick drive around town again, while I finish my cuppa in my own snug office.  By the time I get there… I’m almost going to know the locals lol.  If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, type it into Google, then hit maps.. Drag your little yellow man onto the map and drive through the streets of the destination of your choice.  It’s a huge buzz, second only to actually being there..I’ve just joined the Facebook page, I’m from Ireland but more importantly, I’m from Shanagolden.  If anyone reading this is from Shanagolden, please email me..I’d love to hear from you. Your town has captured my heart as it did my grandmother’s before me.

Happy Google Mapping…Livvy 🙂

The home that tugs at my heartstrings