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I have just reached 20,000 views on this blog.  I’m very humbled and extremely excited.  While I was away in China, Livonne.com.au turned 1 year old.  On the 22nd October last year, I set this up and posted my first blog, not really knowing what would come of it.  I thought it was a good way to get used to writing everyday.  I thought that maybe a few of my friends would read my ramblings but that was about it.  I had no idea of what was to come.

So the blog is a year and 16 days old.  Happy belated birthday blog.  Sorry I was swanning it up in China while you celebrated alone because WordPress is banned in China (or I assume it is as I couldn’t sign into it, along with Facebook and Youtube).   I thought of you blog.. I was sad that I couldn’t wish you a happy birthday but I was already planning on lots of activity for you when I got home.

In the one year and 16 days that this blog has been open for business, it has built up quite a following.  I have people from right around the world who share my ramblings with me.  Some of them really inspire me, some amuse me, challenge me and some even confuse me.. but mostly I am just thrilled and humbled that they have taken the time out to be part of my journey on here.  I sit here some nights laughing out loud.. other nights I sob quietly… I run the gamut of emotions while i I am reading blogs and while I am writing.  So I have just over 440 followers… plus 178 on facebook who also follow the blog.. The most exciting part about this is that I have not met most of them.  Not that I don’t want to, but what I mean is that they aren’t reading this out of a sense of obligation as they are my friends or family.. They have chosen to be part of my journey. That is such an honour.

I knew that I was heading up to the 20,000 views and was watching carefully as the views ticked over. I checked them again this afternoon and to my excitement.. I was sitting on 19,999..   Oh my goodness.. This was imminent.. so I refreshed the page.. 19,999..  and I refreshed again.. 19,999.. sigh. It kept going for over half an hour.. I started complaining loudly to my son.. and on facebook.. and then, the daily view ticked over… but the all over views remained the same.. and the daily views kept ticking over.. but the over all views were stuck on 19,999.  I just wanted to take a screen shot of the big number and was starting to get impatient with it..

One more refresh (after nearly an hour of refreshing the screen – yes I am persistent) and voila… it finally ticked over….. TO 20,010… grrrrrrrrr!!! I’d missed it.. It jumped 11 views in a split second.. but, as peeved as I was, I’m mainly excited and happy.

This blog has really helped me find my purpose in life.  It renewed my love of writing. It restored my faith in myself.. It encouraged me to take a Photography course to better illustrate the stories I write and so introduced me to a new love.. It has won 2 major awards which have really filled me with self confidence and it has helped me to tell my story.  I hope one day, my grandchildren (not in the making yet) will be able to  know more about who I was as a woman, not just a parent or grandparent. I hope my sons will be better able to understand me as a human being and forgive me for all the mistakes I made as a parent.

Thank you to everyone who has been along on this journey with me.. I have no intention of giving up.. I have so many words left inside me that need to be said. I have stories that need to be told and thoughts that need to be written down so I can make sense of them.  I have trips I have still to make that I want to document and share with you.  There’s so much still to be done so I hope you’ll all continue on with me and we can pick up some others along the way.   I love reading all of you who have blogs too.  Wordpress really does attract some incredible people.

Happy Blogging… Livvy 🙂


and the next split second…….