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It’s pouring here today and it’s bliss.  Here in the Blue Mountains of Australia, we’ve been inundated with fires just lately.  We’re only in Spring and already we’ve had dreadful bushfires which have decimated the area.  Many people have lost their homes.  Last Spring we had 20cm of snow in October.  This year, we’ve had record heat and bushfires.  Mother Nature truly is unpredictable.

Yesterday was another hot day.  I hate hot weather at the best of times but right now, as soon as the weather turns  hot and windy, it frays the nerves of the residents, just in case fires break out again.  Today, it’s pouring rain.  Big, fat, juicy rain.  The day has been overcast and misty with lots of showers.  This is just perfect weather.  I say, send it down.

My son and I went for a drive up the coast today and in amongst all the grey on the way back, was one small patch of blue sky with a couple of fluffy white clouds and a tiny bit of sunshine.  It looked totally out of place in the dramatic, grey clouds surrounding it.  It got me thinking how much I love the contrast of life’s little discrepancies.  Being cold and suddenly feeling warmth.. Being hot and suddenly feeling a cool breeze.  Being stoney broke and finding $50 in last winter’s coat pocket.  Having nothing to do then suddenly being inundated with invitations or visitors.  Sunshine through rain.. Laughter through tears.

The last two are my favorites I think.  Sunshine through rain feels like a promise that things will always get better. Laughter through tears… well to quote Truvy Jones from Steel Magnolias.. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.  That surprise moment when tears are flowing and someone or something makes you laugh unexpectedly through it.. The tears flow even more but you are laughing your way through them. I love that feeling.

So it’s time to go to bed with the rain falling on the roof and ponder how good it feels to be snuggled up under the doona…

Happy laughing.. Livvy 🙂

sunshine through rain