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It’s already a week into the new year.  I’ve been helping my son shift so it’s been a hectic few days and I already feel that the year is slipping by.  I want to record this year so as I welcome in the next new year, I can look back and know exactly what I’ve done in 2014.  I’ve seen a few people doing a challenge like this and I think it’s a fantastic idea so for the 365 days of 2014, I’m going to attempt to take a photograph everyday.  It doesn’t have to be spectacular, just a photo.  Then each week, I’ll put them all together and post “a week at a view” photo diary.  If you feel like joining in with this, please feel free to put your link in the comments and tag it as “Livonnes 52 Week Photo Challenge”, so we can all follow your year as well.  There is no theme for the photos, just anything that appeals.  As I wasn’t prepared for this until today, I missed 3 days of photos, so I used 3 photos that I had reworked with art effects this week.  ‘

So to join in the challenge, take a photo every day of anything you want.  It might be your dog, your cat, a sunset, an ornament, an event you attended…. absolutely anything.. but the challenge is, to take a photo everyday.. not just 7 photos in one day and call it a week.  Then at the end of the 7 days, put them together as one photo, (or use the mosaic gallery feature in WordPress) and show us your week through the lens.  Then tag the post “Livonnes 52 Week Photo Challenge”.  I’m so looking forward to seeing your 52 weeks..  I’m going to choose my favorite every week and highlight it on here, so make sure you’re involved .. 🙂

Happy snapping .. Livvy 🙂

Week 1 of 52