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My son Lachlan is so different to me it’s not funny.  He’s always been so focused.  Stuart’s more like me and goes with the flow.  We’re not the best at planning because we’re happy to let life take us where it wants to.  Lachlan on the other hand has had his life mapped out for years.

When he was just 12, he chose his  high school as it had the best arts program, even though none of his friends were going there.  He got into the arts as soon as he got there and never looked back.  He started a lighting course in Year 10 and   has worked in the industry pretty much ever since.

He’s just entered a competition for Young Designer of the Year Award 2015 which, if he wins, gets him a trip to Germany to attend  a huge lighting expo.  Trouble is, he didn’t realise it was open until a few days before the competition closes.  So I’m going to BEG for your help.  If you have Facebook, could you please  go across to Martin Professional Lighting – Lachlan’s Entry and hit the vote button.

You have to hit Vote.. lots of people have liked it, but likes don’t count for votes. If you look at the photo below, you’ll see the vote button.  When you hit vote, the number just above it should change.  We only have 2 days left to get the votes up so I’d really appreciate your help.

Focus & Determination should be rewarded with success.  Please help!

how to vote