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Well, it’s been a huge few months AGAIN for me.  Not only am I working on my daughter’s book, but I’ve started a fictional novel as well.  Working on Aimee’s book is hard and I get bogged down with memories and pain, so I have to walk away from it so as not to fall into   depression.  I’ve learned how to understand the triggers and make sure I stay on top of them.

So I started a fictional comedy book to take me out of the darkness and back into some light.  I’ve written stories when I was a kid but haven’t really written fiction since I started writing seriously a few years ago.  Guess what?? I love it!  I didn’t think I wanted to write fiction but it’s coming really easy.  I’m allowed to day dream and not get into trouble for it.

When I was a teenager, one of my favourite times of day was when I first went to bed.  I used to make up the most fantastic scenarios of where my life would take me.  There were no limits.  I loved my dream world.  I’d drift off to sleep happy with where my mind had taken me.  In the morning when I woke up, life was dull again.  I couldn’t wait to get back to bed so I could live in la la land.  I really needed that time.

Well, that’s what writing fiction is about.  No one is going to disagree with my telling of a story because it’s all mine and I can create whatever situation I want.  My characters can be whatever I want them to be.  I don’t have to be polite for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. I can be as over the top as I want with them.  It’s like I’m back playing dolls again and being the creator who tells the dolls what they’re going to do and think.

Is it the megalomaniac coming out in me? Probably.. but who cares?  It’s my story and I can be as creative as I want with my characters.  I really can’t explain to you completely how good this is making me feel.  So much horrible stuff has happened in my life over the years that I forgot to dream the good stuff.  I forgot to create the world I wanted to live in and now, with this book, I’m doing it again.

Oh there’s a touch of reality in there.  Lots of the stories have a strong basis in reality. Lots of the stories in this book either happened to me or friends, or there is some truth in them somewhere, even if it’s grossly exaggerated.  But that’s the good part. No one can tell me what should or shouldn’t happen, because it’s my call.

The characters have lots of me and people I know in them but can’t we always see similarities in books? I could have based one character completely on a friend, but when you read it, you’re going to think I have been stalking your friend…. or even you.  That’s the beauty of fiction.

I’m not far off finishing and for many reasons, I’ve decided to self publish this book.  I’m not sure that’s the way I’ll go for Aimee’s book but for this one it felt right.  So I’ve launched a crowd funding site to help get it published.  I’d love it if you went on over and had a read.  Anyone who  helps out at all, gets a reward.  The rewards range from a shout out on the website once it’s up and running,  signed and numbered copies of the book right through to naming characters, having your business be part of the book or having me talk at your event, book club etc.

I’m hoping that you will all head on over and have a look at the site.  Of course, I’d love it if you were able to support it in any way, but I know not everyone can do that.  If you can’t but would like to help, please share the page around.  All it takes is the right person to like it and we’re on our way to publishing.

I launched the crowd funding today and had 3% of funding in 2 hours.  It’s open for 60 days, so you’ve got time to get onboard but the quicker it gets out there, the better the chances of being fully funded.  The way this particular crowd funding site works is that you pledge however much you can and if at the end of the 60 days, I am 100% funded, they take the money out then.  If I don’t reach the full amount, I get nothing but you don’t pay anything either.

So, I’ve added the link for you to see.  Even if you just go across and have a read and see what you think, I’d love to hear your comments.  As a writer it’s nice to know you’re being read.  For now, I have to help my characters get out of a few scrapes so I must run before they get completely out of control.  It’s just like being a parent really lol.

Happy reading… Livvy

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