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I never cease to be amazed by nature.  At Uluru (Ayres Rock) you see how water has eroded a beautiful smooth path to get to the water holes at the base of the rock.  Uluru is huge.  Massive.  Yet a trickle of water is stronger than the giant, hard rock when it persists in beating the same path on a regular basis.

Trees grow out of wherever they choose to take root.  They don’t need perfect soil to grow, only the will to take root and thrive wherever they  choose.  Wind batters them, yet they just shape themselves to the natural flow of the wind.  Water floods them, yet there roots are firm so they stay standing. Fire scorches them, and then new growth springs green from the charred, blackened branches.

We can build the strongest structures yet if we leave them unattended, nature will take them back again. Humans can never hope to be stronger than nature yet the love of a mother for her child and a child for it’s mother, is stronger than death.

Happy Mother’s Day for yesterday… Livvy xxx