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In case you missed it and are interested, I’m currently crowd funding to get my first book published.  If you’d like to pledge an amount to help me get this self published, click on the link below.  There are rewards for your help, so have a read of them on the site.

I thought maybe I should tell you all a little about the book.  It’s a novel about a woman who is suddenly divorced in her late 40’s.  No warning.  No build up.  It’s just over and she has to start again.  She has some wonderful, crazy friends who help her and finally encourage her to start dating again.

Many of you will have read my blog on The Plenty of Fish Jane West rejected which was about a friend of mine and her internet dating disasters.  Well, I have used quite a few of these stories as well as dating stories of my own, in helping my main character try to piece her life back together.  She meets all kind of characters, she makes new friends along the way and mostly, she enjoys the relationships in her life that  have been her support all along.

I think most of you will have a chuckle at some of her adventures and I’m sure, if you’ve ever found yourself back on the dating scene after an absence of many years, you’ll be able to relate to her.  Even if it doesn’t apply to you, I bet you’ll recognise a few of your friends in there.

There’s only 23 days left until the campaign closes.  The way it works is, I have to reach the full amount of my goal or you pay nothing and I get nothing.  If I reach the goal, you pay after the campaign successfully finishes which will be at the end of May.

If you’re interested in helping the cause, please click on the link and follow the prompts.  You’ll find the rewards down the right hand side of the page.  If you click on there (if you choose one of the rewards), it will take you through the process. Of course, please feel free to share the link around if you think anyone you know might be interested in getting on board.

Happy pledging.. Livvy xx