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Monday has rolled around already.  I didn’t even get a chance to do Flashback Friday and a new week is here.  So, here is Week 3 of the One Four Challenge.  Do you remember those old 3D photos you used to see that needed glasses to see them properly.  They always made my Mum feel a bit queasy as she felt they were moving but I loved them.

That was the feel I was after with today’s photo. Of course, it’s not 3D but I wanted to recreate a similar feel.  I remember always trying to see them without glasses and loving the slightly bizarre distortion.  Hopefully, I’ve hit the mark a little bit.  This is something I’d like to play a bit more with.  To see the actual effect, you’ll have to click on it to make it larger.

So to do this, I started with the same photo cropped and straightened.  In Lightroom I took contrast down a fraction and upped the shadows and clarity, then took it into Photoshop.  In PS, I played a bit with colour then added a radial filter and a zoom filter, then a slight gaussian blur.  Back into Lightroom, I took the highlights, whites and vibrance down and added a grunge type vignette.

If you like to join in the One Four Challenge head on over to Robyn’s Captivate Me blog to get all the details.

Week 1

Pharmacie de la Bourdonnais - Week 1

Week 2


Week 3

Week 3