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I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list


I’m exceptionally excited today.  I’m heading off on a road trip and it’s a huge one.  You may remember that a few  years ago I travelled from the bottom of Victoria up through the middle and onto Alice Springs, visiting Uluru (Ayres Rock) along the way.  It was an amazing trip.

Now, I’m much more likely to be found surrounded by greenery than in barren, desert land but seeing the country in all it’s red glory was mind blowing.  I didn’t expect to love it as I did.  I certainly didn’t expect to be so in awe of Uluru.  The size, the serenity and most of the all, the deep spirituality that surrounds you as you walk around it’s massive girth.

So,  someone who hates heat, not keen on sand and feels out of sorts when not surrounded by green grass and trees (that’s me in case you didn’t realise) has always longed to drive across the Nullabor Plain.  It  is part of the area of flat, almost treeless, arid or semi-arid country of southern Australia, located on the Great Australian Bight coast with the Great Victoria Desert to its north. It is the world’s largest single exposure of limestone bedrock and occupies an area of about 200,000 square kilometres (77,000 sq mi). At its widest point, it stretches about 1,100 kilometres (684 mi) from east to west across the border between South Australia and Western Australia. (Wikipedia)

When a friend was heading over from coastal Western Australia to a place not far from me in NSW, I jumped at the chance to travel with her.  I love her company and I sure love a good road trip.  I’m flying to WA on Saturday morning then heading off from there.  The drive is a 3849km trip which will take about 40 hours of solid driving. It will be amazing scenery, fantastic company and I’ve no doubt lots of laughter.  Thelma and Louise minus Brad Pitt and a cliff.

I’m planning on taking heaps of photos along the way.  I’m also hoping to get lots of stock photography as we go too, to build up my own stock library.  I can’t wait to share the journey with you, though it may be a bit spasmodic, depending on wi fi access.  I’m packed but I still have heaps to do before I head off I’ll leave you with a photo of the journey we’re doing. Not quite coast to coast, but not far off it..

Happy travels….. Livvy

australia road trip