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Something second hand and broken still can make a pretty sound.  Even if it doesn’t have a place to live. Oh the words are still unspoken now that Mama’s not around.  But that second hand white baby grand still has something beautiful to give…… From the series Smash

As I mentioned in my last post, I am heading off tomorrow morning to Perth then driving across the Nullabor.  So as a treat, my son bought us tickets to see Megan Hilty at the Theatre Royal in Sydney before I leave.  I’m typing from a hotel room in a city that is busier than usual due to the Vivid festival which is painting the city all kind of beautiful colours.

But back to Megan.  Lachlan and I started watching Smash when it first appeared on our screens and we were both hooked.  The music, the characters, the humour and the voices all combined to create a brilliant series.  It probably helped that Lachlan thought Megan Hilty was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen, let alone heard.

This woman has the most amazing voice and she can go from belting out a big show tune to singing the most sweet, soft and vulnerable song with her voice quivering with emotion.  This was all obvious to anyone who saw the series.  She had appeared for a long stint in Wicked the Musical and while I didn’t have the privilege to see her in that, anyone who did raved about her.

So when we realised she was coming to Australia in concert, we were eager to  be in the audience.  We booked tickets for the dress circle and after a bit of a hectic trip in to the city,  we settled into our seats, waiting for the magic to begin.  Wow, we were not disappointed.  Do you remember the golden years of Hollywood when a star had star quality.  When they shone brightly and lit up the screen when they appeared.  Megan Hilty has that same star quality.

She shone so brightly on that stage.  She sang songs from Smash and Wicked.  She sang a range of show tunes and even some gospel.  She made the audience laugh with her comedic talent and cry with the vulnerability in her voice when the tone of the song was more poignant.  In between every song we got a glimpse of the person behind the voice.  She was supported by her husband on guitar, and a drummer, double bassist and pianist.  It was simple but it was pure class.

The audience all stood as one giving her a standing ovation that was richly deserved.  She had spent 90 minutes baring her soul through song.  She came back after the second ovation and sang her last song which she dedicated to her little girl.  It was Kermit’s Rainbow Connection and it was such a beautiful rendition.

As the audience stepped out of the theatre and into the bright lights of Vivid, they knew that none of the lights would shine as brightly as what they’d just seen.  If you ever get a chance to see her live, do yourself a favour and do it.  She plays her last Aussie concert tomorrow in Adelaide then flies straight home to the USA to the Tony Awards where she is nominated for an award.   I’ll be hoping that she wins it.  She is one truly talented and beautiful performer.. Thank you Megan.  What a show!! and here’s a few (poor quality) iphone photos of Vivid as I walked back from the show.

Happy shining… Livvy xxx


Second Hand White Baby Grand