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I have just written this whole day and it disappeared off my screen.  You may be getting the abridged version now as I’m getting tired and want to sleep.  So here goes.

Waking up this morning, I looked out the window and was uber excited to see the most magnificent sky ever.  There was rain looming on the Nullarbor and the skies were billowing cushions of black, grey and white, with splashes of the oranges of sunrise.Huge crepuscular rays of light streamed majestically from the stunning cloud formations.     I felt quite emotional at the sight.

We had spent the night at the Nullabor Hotel and having arrived on dusk yesterday, we hadn’t had a good look around as we were eager to have dinner and just settle down for the night.  This morning, we looked out on the grounds with awe.  The old station, wooden carts, large murals and even a big whale graced the grounds.  This was exactly what we expected when we thought of the Nullarbor.  (maybe minus the whales)

I wandered around taking as many photos as possible of everything there, trying to get the sky in every photo.  I was a bit obsessed.  As we headed off, I was still hanging my head and my camera out of the car to get photos.  A bit further down the road, I understood the whale being at the hotel as we drove down to the point of the Bight where whales can be seen.  We didn’t go in as we just wanted to keep going and get some good miles under our belts.

We arrived in Ceduna just on lunchtime, so stopped and got some lunch and of course I spotted a few op shops as we drove through.  My motto is never let an opportunity to go op shopping pass you by, so we went into them both for a wander.  I did pick up a couple of dresses for photo shoots as well as a laptop bag for the remainder of the journey.

Heading off again, our goal was to reach Port Augusta or close to by the evening.  We stopped a few times for coffee in places with nothing open but we weren’t daunted, just simply driving on to the next stop.  The landscape just never stopped changing along the way.  We didn’t expect the greenery of the landscape and were quite blown away by the beauty surrounding us. Old buildings were dotted sparsely around the vast empty land.

We passed through one town that we knew was 160 km from Port Augusta but we were pretty sure we had plenty of petrol until then.  As we got closer to our hoped for destination, we started to realise we were getting lower than expected and though google told us Iron Knob had petrol and accommodation, it seems it was either non existent or closed when we got there.

We told the car how we would appreciate it’s cooperation in conserving enough petrol to get us to Port Augusta and we just kept driving.  We ended up being caught up in an army  convoy, heading to El Alamein Army Base.  I’m sure the slow pace and being so close behind the huge truck helped the petrol consumption and around dinner time we got to Port Augusta and filled up.

Looking for a hotel  proved an issue as it all seemed to be booked up but calling into one, while there were no vacancies, the kind gentleman phoned around until he found one for us, where we are now happily ensconced for the night.  As soon as I post this, I’m heading to bed, ready for another leg of the journey tomorrow.

I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of the country I call home.  So many different vistas make up it’s landscape and every one of them has a beauty all of it’s own.  Even the barren, dusty parts are unique and beautiful.  I’m so blessed to have seen so much of it over the years and am just loving this particular trip.

An early night is needed so I’ll bid you all a fond adieu until tomorrow’s post.

Until then…..

Happy enjoying your own landscape….Livvy xxxx