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If you lived out here, you’d be entitled to believe the world really is flat.  But I digress.  This morning we woke up bright and early and hit the road by 7am.  It felt too early to eat breakfast so we just got a hot chocolate and a coffee when we handed the keys in.  There was a lovely English    girl serving us who we had a great chat with.  Seems most of the roadhouses are staffed by people who are working their way around Australia.  None of them seem to mind the isolation that comes with living and working in this remote part of Australia.

We hit the very wet road and put a few hundred kilometres under our belt before we stopped for breakfast at Caiguna.  To get there, you drive along the 90 mile straight road.  Yes, 90 mile or 146.6 kilometres of road without a bend.  Wow.  We actually got excited when the road suddenly went around a curve.  Stopping at Caiguna, we got fantastic, friendly service and the yummiest, freshly cooked egg and bacon roll.

The interesting thing that makes this so different to other outback places, (I think anyway) is that the roadhouses are the only sign of life along the way.  They are generally an hour or two apart and there seems to be no other houses or life along the way, if you don’t count the camels, goats, kangaroos and eagles.

I actually thought it was fairly  flat until we got further along and then I realised what flat ground really was.  I know we have so much more of that to go yet but it was a bit of an eye opener, even though I had been told to expect it.  We stopped for a quick bite at Mundrabilla and kept motoring along on the straight straight road.  We were thrilled to finally see some hills and what looked like cliffs up ahead.  The terrain started to change a bit and looked suspiciously like coastal ground.  We rounded a corner and saw the sign for the Great Australian Bight.  Oh wow.. What a thrill that was.  We stopped and went and took a few photos (of course) and then continued on until we reached tonight’s sleepover at Nullarbor Hotel.

With the time difference from West Australia to South Australia, we’ve lost 1.5 hours today.  We drove just over 700 kilometres today and while it took us just under 8 hours, we got here 9.5 hours later due to the time difference.  We had a huge dinner in the bar tonight and now we’re planning on another early night  as we have a large drive again (of course) tomorrow.  There will be lots more flat landscape tomorrow but we should start seeing some changes along the way.

I’m not writing a lot today as I’m fairly tired and want to get some decent sleep before another arduous drive tomorrow.  I hope I don’t sound like I don’t like the countryside, because that’s not true.  I’m loving it.  However, it is difficult to stay completely alert when the road is so long and straight.  So until then, I’ll leave you with a few more photos of the terrain.  The panorama is just off the iphone so isn’t as good a quality as usual but I’m doing a bare minimum  of editing until I get home.

Until tomorrow…

Happy sleeping…. Livvy xxxx