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Art is not always about pretty things.  It’s about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives are affected…..Elizabeth Broun

I am writing today from the beautiful grounds of Bundanon Trust in NSW.  I  was awarded an artist in residence program  for a week and arrived yesterday to begin. I was shown my accommodation and my studio, unpacked the car which was bursting at the seams, had a cup of tea with another of the artists, then had a bit of a wander to find some locations for the upcoming shoot I’m doing.

For those who have never heard of Bundanon, it is the property of Australian  artist Arthur Boyd.  Boyd and his wife Yvonne  gifted the property to the people of Australia and the property hosts a variety of artists throughout the year as artists in residence.  It’s where I am so fortunate to find myself this week.

I applied for this the night before I went in for surgery and got the email that I had been chosen a few weeks after while I was in recovery mode.  It was the enticement I needed to heal quickly.  I wanted to continue with the story of my life while I was here.

I’m creating a 6 part series about some of the traumatic things that have affected my life and it is all inspired by fairy tales.  The full series is entitled “From Fractured to Fairytale”  It speaks about the trauma but more importantly about what happened to turn that trauma around.  The first part of the series was called “Run, run as fast as you can.  You can’t catch me I’m in storybook land”.  It dealt with the sexual abuse I endured as a child.  More importantly though, it explains how reading helped me escape into a fantasy land where I felt safe.  I believe the body  can endure most things as long as the mind feels safe and this was a survival tactic I learned at an early age.

This next part of the series speaks about domestic violence and is entitled “How many flicks till the fly flew away”.  This is coming to life here at Bundanon.  I have a model coming down on Thursday and together we’ll begin the process of bringing the series into being.

So having slept like a log, I woke up to absolute silence which was broken only by the birds singing occasionally.  The serenity here is incredible.  I walked around in my pyjamas and took a few photos, then had a cup of tea outside while a kangaroo and it’s joey grazed quietly right near me, uncaring that I was sitting there.

Today I’ll start preparing props that will be used in the shoot and will no doubt  continue to wander around the property trying to capture at least a small degree of the beauty here.  I’m so looking forward to working from here and immersing myself in creativity for the    7 days.  Yes, I do spend a lot of my day at home working on art but there are always other distractions.  Here, those distractions don’t exist.  I have all day and all night just to create.  Even phone reception here is non existent so I have no excuses limiting my ability to make art.

These photos were just a few taken on the iPhone.  I haven’t processed those in the camera yet. That will happen today.   Photos are of my studio, the view from my studio and my breakfast buddies.  If this vista doesn’t encourage a person to create, I don’t know what will.  I will share more as the days go by.

Happy Creating….Livvy xxx