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Getting to know someone else involves curiosity about where they have come from, who they are…… Penelope Lively

So my first full day at Bundanon was spent just organising my self.  After I wrote yesterday’s blog piece and took a few more photos, I headed back into Nowra to grab a few bits and pieces that I needed.  It’s about a half hour drive, a lot of it on narrow, dirt roads which have beautiful vegetation along both sides.  At one part of the road, the Shoalhaven  River is sparkling  right next to you as you drive.  I knew I needed to keep my eyes on the road but I so wanted to just soak in all the scenery.

I had a bit of a wander around Nowra though I’d seen a bit of it the day before after catching up with an old friend who lives here on my way down yesterday.  I got my bits and pieces and headed back.  Accessible Arts, the organisation responsible for granting these residencies, has been running a series of “meet the artists” interviews over the last few weeks and wanted a photo taken of one of the other artists  for her interview.

So when I got back from Nowra, I took her photo and then spent a few hours putting a bit of a fantasy twist to it.  I’m hoping to speak to each of the residents here and introduce you to them all as I go along.  They are certainly a talented group of people.  I also met one of the many wombats who reside here alongside the kangaroos.  He was a bit hesitant when I went out with my camera but he posed long enough for me to get some pics, then he scuttled underneath the verandah.  If you’ve ever seen a wombat  run, you’ll know why I say  scuttled.  They are so  cute but I don’t think I’d like to be on the wrong end of those claws.

I pottered around, doing a few more photos and finding some awesome bits of art around the grounds.  Nests and boats made from the wood fallen from trees dotted the landscape.  I then did some editing as I was waiting for a friend to arrive.  As I’ve had surgery and still can’t do as much as I need to for a big shoot like I’m doing on Thursday, they’ve graciously allowed me to have an assistant here for a few days.  So my good friend Cecile, an incredible artist in her own right, has come down to help me.  After she arrived, we made some dinner, went across to the studio across from us and had a glass of wine  with them, then just chatted for a while  before bed.

This morning, the sun is shining, though the air is a bit nippy still.  Again, kangaroos are feeding on the lawn and in the paddocks and we’re about to have some breakfast.  It’s been a slower start to the day today but soon I’m heading out to do some more location scouting.  I found the perfect place yesterday for a few of the images I’ve planned and am going to look at another today that I can see from a distance.  Then it’s into the studio to do some proparation.. No I didn’t spell that wrong.. I’m preparing props.. So I made up a new word.  I like doing that occasionally.

Off to cook breakfast, so I’ll leave you with a few photos of yesterday.

Happy Proparing…..Livvy xxxx