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Change happens, not just by giving the mind new arguments but also by feeding the imagination new beauties……Timothy Keller

It was a much slower start to the day today.  I would blame the fresh country air here at Bundanon Trust, only coming from the Blue Mountains, I’m surrounded by that, so I guess I’ll blame the late night and the sitting up chatting with Cecile.  So we had a leisurely breakfast then decided to go and explore a bit further.

I had seen a hut up the track which could work well for a location of one of the photos I wanted to shoot, so we wandered up to have a look at that.  It is a single mans hut built in the early days of Bundanon for a worker to live in.  As we ambled up there past beautiful old ghost gums, we were being watched closely by the mob of kangaroos to see if we meant any harm.  When they realised  we weren’t a threat, they just kept eating and enjoying the sun.  It really is magnificent to see them.  I never get sick of the sight.

We got up to the hut and were thrilled to see it had been fully restored.  The building had 3 walls of wooden cladding and one of stone with a verandah out the front.  The stone wall situated at the back, also had a huge fireplace built into it.  When we looked inside, we found the same stone fireplace replicated in there.  A small set of stairs led up to a small loft overlooking the one room.  The huge fireplace dominated the tiny cottage.

I snapped a few photos along the way but as I went to take some photos inside  the battery went flat on my camera.  Lesson 1… Check your battery level before going for a walk.  Trouble is, the battery lasts so well on my Nikon that I become slack in checking it.  Never mind.  I’ll get some more photos in a day or so.

From there we went into the studio to do proparation…. the task of preparing props. I’m so lucky with the studio.  It is a large room filled with natural light and warm wooden floor boards.  There is writing on the windows which I assume is part of an installation by a former artist here.  I’ll find that out and let you know more about it.  It is certainly a place you want to create in.  As part of my time here I’m also rewriting the first part of the series of  From Fractured to Fairytale so I put all the pages up on the wall so I can storyboard it enabling me to add more images which I’ll shoot soon.

With my model arriving on Thursday  for the shoot, I had to make sure everything was all ready.  I had all the raw elements with me but needed to put them  together.. Some tasks were simple, such as gluing a rose onto a cloche dome or cleaning a mirror and putting it back in it’s frame, whilst others were more complicated.  I had a costume to add some embellishments onto and had to make some hair adornments.  I’m thrilled with the way the costume now looks and can’t wait to put it all together with a model, location and props.

I checked my list and I’m pretty sure it’s all done.  There are stage curtains needed too but they can wait until after the shoot is done before they are sown.  They can be composited in later on.  I prefer to add some elements in separately just in case I find that I don’t like them after all.  At least then I have a choice.

So we had a lovely dinner and a reasonably early night ready for the photo shoot tomorrow.  As I’ve planned 8 images for this series and they are all in different locations, it’s going to be a big day so I’ll need to be well rested.  Of course, I always end up doing more than I planned and I’m sure this will be no exception.  It gets  exciting once everything has come together and the imagination goes into overdrive, so I have no doubt another few images will be added to the series or will be a bit different to what I originally had planned.  My work is organic like that.  I can plan all I like but it so often takes on it’s own personality and all my plans are left on the shelf.  And that is exactly why I love doing what I do.

I’m going to leave you today with an interview from the lovely Felicity Nicol who I did the photo for on my first morning here.  She is an absolute delight and I hope you enjoy reading about her as well as the images I made.  I’ll introduce you to another of the artists tomorrow.

Happy imagining….Livvy xxx