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Snollygoster – A shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.

Today’s word that time seems to have forgotten, but that should be brought back into use is one of my favourites.  It’s Snollygoster.. a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.  Ohhh how appropriate.  Personally, I think it describes our government right now, especially our Prime Minister, but I won’t get too political here as if I start on this corrupt government, I won’t stop.

But needless to say, the last few months in Australia have been pretty damn hard.  We’ve been hit by some of the worst fires we have ever experienced,  which in turn blanketed a huge amount of this country in choking smoke for months on end, which was then followed by floods and now of course, the  corona virus and a massive panic buy resulting in a shortage of toilet paper (what the hell?).  All of these have affected tourism so badly and living in the Blue Mountains in NSW, I’m watching businesses close all over our beautiful community. It is heartbreaking!

A little like Nero, fiddling while Rome burned, our Prime Minister took his family away from all the nastiness and went on holidays and though he eventually came back, as far as I’m concerned, I wish he was still missing in action.  I wish he was just useless, but his actions are cruel, divisive and extremely calculated.  A shrewd, unprincipled person.. Yes, definitely a Snollygoster..

We have some great politicians here in the mountains who have worked so closely with our community and were out on the ground everyday, upholding, inspiring and caring.   To them, thank you.. You are as far from Snollygosters as you could get.. You are, in fact,  leaders in the true sense of the word.   Even those who don’t vote for your party couldn’t deny how wonderfully you handled the crisis’s that have affected us.  I wish I could find one of these old words that describe you.. Give me time and I will.

So today, let’s work at keeping the  snollygosters honest or better still, getting them out of power… And let’s get behind this beautiful land of ours and help it to regenerate..

Happy keeping the snollygosters honest…. Livvy xxx