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Following on from Part 1Part 2 of the YaYa Diaries, here is the enthralling adventures of the YaYa’s let loose in WaWa Land (Western Australia).  Actually enthralling might be a bit of an over statement, but I can dream can’t i?

Part 3……….Free Flapping Friday in the West!

Well, yesterday’s naked raindance worked, so it’s a good thing.  Sir Suffers In Silence (our host Gary) woke up feeling like one of the three bears.  There was someone sleeping in his chair… AND they were still there… AND she had messed up his blanket too.  So Sal and Chop were up at sparrows fart because they HAD NOT put the bins out as they said they had, so they had to go out in the big fat rain (thanks to the raindance) and put them out.  Sal looked like a crazy bag lady who we named Babushka.  She headed out in her striped jammies, red crocs and blankie, dragging the bin behind her.  There are consequences for telling big fibs the night before.

Babushka & the bin

I got out of bed, bleary eyed and still distressed over my nightmare.  I was being butted by a goat so I threw him out of the house and down the stairs.  He sort of broke his neck along the  way, so Sal wouldn’t talk to me because I killed the goat.  Then, of course, the animal world took it’s revenge and a bigger goat with silver horns attacked me and then the feral quokkas, who looked like miniature lambs, were eating my feet.  When I tried to describe my fear and distress, they just laughed at me.  I guess one can’t expect empathy from  plebians.

We all got dressed and after a long relax, we headed out again.  We drove down to Freo again and out to Cottlesloe Beach.  We headed down to the OBH hotel for lunch and on the way back Miss Chop purchased some purple crocs to match my pink ones and Sal’s red ones.  On the way to the car from the hotel, I was accosted by a sweet little girl, around 4 years old, with the face of a Botticelli angel.  She walked over to me and thinking she must be lost or wanting help, I bent down to talk to her.  Waiting for pleas of help, instead she whispered “Why do you have pink hair?”. ( I should explain here that my gorgeous friend Flic had given me a new look for the trip.  Short black hair with hot pink tips. ) So I explained to the little girl all about my rainbow alopecia and she was happy with that, telling me her bike was the same color as my hair.

We came across a strange looking item on the beach which we thought must have been a Stargate portal and did our best to get across to Rottnest Island without using the ferry but it didn’t work.  Must have been faulty.  Must remember to phone the Perth council’s maintenance department to get it fixed. We wandered off home again, stopping at a seafood place for some dinner time treats and cooked up a seafood banquet fit for a princess, a princess, an empress a queen and a sir.  After partaking of our exquisite culinary delights, we headed off to our respective rooms to make ourselves   beautiful for a night at the Burswood Casino.  KarenWa turned up to join us, and after using up all the Spakfilla in the house to fill the wrinkles, we were ready to hit the town.

Stargate portal

We found a car park a long, long, long, long way away from the Casino and wandered in.  There was a great band playing at Paddy Hanans so we toodled in and found a booth to sit in and had a few frothies.  Sal was in a dancing frenzy and she bopped her little bootie off for most of the night.  We were thrilled when Myra decided to join us (even though she barracks for Fremantle Dockers) and a great night was had by all.

We headed off from there, having wowed the crowd with our interpretation of The Love Shack, and went into the casino.  Coffee was needed by this time, so Karen, Myra, Sal and I headed down the back to the food section while Annie & Chop got confused again with cigarette machines and poker machines.  They were actually poker machines but Annie gets easily confused and waited all night for it to spit out a packet of cigarettes.  Coffee and hot chocolates on board, we headed to the loo en masse as women tend to do, and rescued a very inebriated young girl from the perils of herself, and with our hero efforts finished, headed back to the car.  However, the door we entered through was now shut, so we sent Annie & Chop on a car finding mission and pick us up from the front door, thus avoiding the long, long, long, long walk again.

On the way home, we drove through a tunnel with Karen reminding us that Princess Diana died in a tunnel JUST  like this one…. most reassuring at 1.30am.  We made it safely back to Annie’s & Gary’s, had a cuppa and headed to bed.  Sal gave up her bed to Karen, so jumped in with me.  I was already well asleep by the time she got there.  I’m so worn out but don’t tell the others.

Burswood Casino