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On Saturday, we got up bright and early to get the car from the hotel carpark.  If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know that I  had stayed in the city with my son on Friday night to see Megan Hilty in concert then to have an early start to the airport on Saturday for my flight to Perth.  To avoid being charged a fortune for having the car in the overnight carpark for too long, we had to be out the door by 5.30 to get it by 6am.  We figured we’d find someone just out of the city to have some breakfast.

Alas, the only thing we ended up finding was a Macca’s, so we settled for some breakfast from there and then headed to the airport.  I was quite early but that suited me, so I headed into the check in counter.  I had skimped on what to pack as I assumed that the flight was for carry on luggage only.  As it was more important to have camera equipment, laptop, flash and all their chargers than it was to have clothes, I prioritised and brought the bare minimum.

I was surprised to get to the counter only to find I was entitled to have a check on bag.  I happily put my bag on but took my camera and laptop out to avoid disaster, leaving me to carry them in my handbag.  I grabbed a book from the airport and settled down waiting to board.  When I got onboard, I realised that rather than a domestic flight, it was actually considered an international flight as they must have been going on from Perth to Bali.  This meant we got a meal provided which was a really lovely surprise.

After landing Perth, my travel companion’s son picked me up from the airport to head down to Bunbury.  Arriving there a few hours later, we had a quiet night, and got up the next day to begin the daunting task of packing the trailer and car, ready for travel.  Thank God for sons.  Hers was as good at tetris as mine always prove to be.  He packed it all within an inch of it’s life and we were ready to head off. We headed back to Perth ready to begin the mammoth journey in the wee hours of the morning.

This morning, bright and early, we were up and on our way out of Perth.  The weather was overcast and easy to travel in and we headed off.  Two middle aged women and two long haired Chihuahuas.  We got well out of Perth before we stopped for breakfast at a little roadhouse along the way.  Just grabbing a quick coffee and sandwich we headed off again, stopping at Cunderdin  to take a photo of the Ettamogah Pub.  There are a few Ettamogah Pubs around and are inspired by a cartoon that used to appear in the Australasian Post many years ago.

We took a fairly leisurely trip along, stopping for a bit to eat when we felt like it.  We stopped at a little roadhouse at Carrabin for a cuppa.  We got talking to the son of the owner as we had our drinks.  It was a pleasant interlude talking about how my football team had beaten his the day before.  Well at least I enjoyed it.  Maybe it wasn’t so great for him lol.

We kept going throughout the day, stopping when we needed to or to let the dogs stretch their little legs. I just love the beauty all around, especially some of the cloud formations, so I managed to take lots of photos.. some from the moving car and others when we were stopped along the way.  This area is a scrubby landscape in so many ways but has a beauty all of it’s own.  The skies changed colour  as we moved through the landscape.

Traveling through the small, isolated towns along the way was an absolute delight.  Old, elaborate buildings built in towns that were probably once thriving bustling communities but are now much quieter, still stand proud and beautiful.

We finally arrived at Norseman where we’d intended to stop for the night but decided to continue on to the next place, Balladonia, which is where we are now.  It’s clean and tidy and it’s perfect for tomorrow’s trip to the Nullabor Roadhouse.

I only have the laptop and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I hate working on a laptop as I have such fat fingers and the colours aren’t always great on this but I’ve added a few photos anyway, to show you what we’ve seen today.  It’s now time for an early night so we can be up bright and early to continue on our way.  Until then…

Happy travels…. Livvy xxx