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To travel is to take a journey within yourself….Danny Kaye

Until I was 52, I’d never set foot outside of Australia.  I didn’t even have a passport.  Oh I longed to travel, and had seen a fair bit of Australia, but the opportunity had never presented itself to go overseas.  And then it did.  In 2013, I headed off on my first overseas trip to China.  The next year, I saw England, France, Scotland, Ireland and went on a train through Wales.. Ohhh what a thrill it was.

Since then I’ve done some more Australian travel but have been back to the UK as well as France and seen Italy, Spain and Monacco.. I feel unbelievably blessed.  When I went to all these places, I wrote along the way on here and shared some of the images I took.  But for the most part, these photos have just been sitting on my computer, with only an occasional share on Facebook when a memory stirs. So I felt the need to organise them and put them in one place.

So, I built myself a new website.  It’s really just to have somewhere I can go and relive those memories whenever I need to inspire myself or remind myself of how blessed I am but also to inspire others to get out where possible and see this amazing world we live in.   These images are so different to the art that I do on a daily basis as they are not based in fantasy but in reality.  So I didn’t feel that putting them on Livonne Imagery was the way to go as that is my art, my escapism, my passion.  These travel images serve to remind me of how great this world of ours really is and how blessed I have been.

So far I’ve uploaded Alice Springs (including Uluru), China and England.  There are many more images still to be done and more countries to share, including lots more of my own backyard, Australia.  But it is a work in progress and hopefully by the time I’ve uploaded all the other places I’ve traveled, there will be many more journeys to take and images to share.  So here is Livonne Life, my “what a wonderful world” site. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy traveling….Livvy xxx