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A hasty tidying of the house when a last minute guest is coming to visit…. Scurryfunge


Do you ever wonder why some words are lost from our vocabulary?  Words that describe so accurately their meaning.  I read this one on Facebook this week and I loved it so much that I’ve decided to start a new word on Wednesdays,  which will explore an outdated word, one lost from our lives but too good to allow it’s death.  So ladies and gentlemen, this weeks time-worn, outdated but delightful word is Scurryfunge.

I think what appealed so much to me is that it sounds exactly as it should.. When you know visitors are coming over and the coffee table is covered in half empty mugs and plates with crumbs from this morning’s toast, your bra is  hanging over the back of the couch where you threw it off when you walked in the door and there is a bowl with only the purple jelly beans left in it because you hate those.  What do you do?  You scurryfunge!

That’s right.. you scurryfunge around, tidying up the house to make it look normal. You put all the dishes in the sink and turn the water on.  While the sink fills, you run around picking up all items of clothing from the floor and sofa and throw them in your bedroom, shutting the door to prying eyes.. You hide the jelly beans because you have told everyone you gave up sugar and don’t want to be caught out in your lie.  You quickly spray a bit of perfume to cover up the burnt toast smell and you assess if you need to quickly vacuum or will you get away with just picking up the big pieces of junk on the floor?

A few minutes later, you calmly open the front door to your guests, as if you didn’t spend the last ten minutes in a flurry of scurryfunging.  Yes.. I admit it, I’m a fair dinkum scurryfunger.  That’s how I know the drill.  Mum always said the house wasn’t too bad if you could clean it up when you knew visitors were coming, so I guess I got the habit from her.  Then again, she had 12 children to clean up after.  I only have myself.  Oh well.. I like to think that I’m not untidy so much as “creative”.

Stay tuned for another “ripe for revival” word next week..

Happy Scurryfunging…..Livvy xxx